Is there a way to hide the painter

A students is doing his project for Unit 1 Lessons 16-18. He wants to hide the painter once the picture is drawn. Is there a way to hide the painter? - Randle

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If you’re talking about on App Lab, then yes. The hide() block does just that.

If you’re talking about Artist, however, then what you should probably do is have him leave the screen once the picture is drawn.

@randle.moore - Hi Randle, how is your year going? Thanks for the inquiry. Unfortunately, there is not a way to hide the Painter object in Java Lab. I personally think that would be a great addition.

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The year is going fine. I’m a hamster on a wheel. Thanks, I pass this on to my student.

Hi Randle, good to see you on the forum!
This request to hide the painter has been suggested, I think they are considering adding it to the Painter class as the curriculum is updated. One way to pass that request along is to email, or to use the rate this lesson button on the unit overview.


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