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Just wanted to report an error in the Java Lab documentation. In the Painter class documentation, the method signatures for isOnPaint and isOnBucket is repeated. Please check if that appears on your end as well. Thanks.

How do you access Java Lab development environment without going into a lesson?

@mfisher right now, there is no way to start a “blank” Java Lab project without going into a lesson. We have added “sandboxes” to the end of each unit where students are able to “free play” in the environments that they are familiar with until that point. Below is a screenshot of those sandboxes in Unit 5.

Thanks VJ! This has been fixed but it might take a day or two to go live!

There was a question from one of the participant teachers in our summer workshop. Is there any location where the entire Java code for the Neighborhood can be downloaded? I am under the impression that this teacher does not want to progress through all the lessons in Unit 1 but jump to specific lessons but finds the code missing. Any suggestions are welcome.

@vijayshree_sundar no, not at this time. I am not sure I fully understand the participants’ motivation here but I might suggest a few different options:

  1. Show them where the complete documentation lives (in the Help & Tips tab) or also here [link].
  2. Guide them to the “sandboxes” at the end of each unit for the the neighborhood. They can do whatever they want in these sandboxes.
  3. Point out the “Unit 1 Overview” which shows which lesson introduces which pieces of code. This can be found on the Unit Landing Page for each Unit in the drop down menu at the top. (see the screenshot below)

Hope that helps!