Generic Java Lab

Is there a link to a generically blank java lab that can be accessed without being inside of a unit?
Can students save code when they use this feature?
I am thinking of some additional warm up questions and/or AP FRQ extensions that I would want to use in addition to this curriculum.

Hi @sfaulkner ,

At the end of each unit there is a “sandbox” lesson for students to use to experiment or explore code that isn’t part of a lesson. I have taken a screenshot of this below for unit 1. This sandbox operates like any other level. Students can save their code to their backpack.

Students are also able to create a blank javalab by using this URL:

Students will not be able to save code to their backpack in these “projects” though. Nor are they able to access files in their backpack. Their code will get “saved” in the specific project and they will be able to have multiple files in that project, but they won’t be able to pull old files from their backpack here.

Hope that helps,