College Board Programming Labs Now Available!


We heard feedback from several instructors that they wanted the opportunity to offer students the official CSA College Board Programming Labs on the Java Lab platform. As of last Friday, three of these labs are now available and are ready to assign to students should you desire this extra practice. If you would like to read more information about the available labs and the process for assigning them to students, please feel free to refer to the College Board Programming Labs &’s Java Lab document for more details. This documentation is also available under the Teacher Resources section of the CSA Course Overview page. Thanks again for the suggestion; we are glad to be able to provide this extra resource for those that want it.


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That’s for the update Erik. This is great news!

Now we just gotta wait until Java Lab is available to everyone instead of just those with verified teacher accounts.

Hi Adam,
At this time, Java Lab is only available to those who are verified teachers or students within those teachers’ classes.
This support article gives some background on why. Here is a summary from the article:
“Running a user’s code on your[’s] servers, instead of on their[the user’s] browser, opens up a door to all kinds of malicious activity. The worst of this can be prevented by limiting the amount of time the code can run on the server. But to apply those limits, we needed to be able to reliably detect who was running the code. And the best way for us to do that right now is through teacher verification.”


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