Create and Assign Java Lab Assignments

I was attempting to create a supplemental lesson in CSA based on the FileReader in Arrays and Algorithms. I was able to create the code template in Java Lab and share it with the students but they were not able to remix it.

This assignment is intended to take place as part of Unit 3 - Arrays and Algorithms ('22-'23) and builds upon the algorithms for summation and maximum value. It is derived from Advent of Code 2022 - Day 1.

App Lab share link

Google Slides

In the long term I would like to be able to add instructions, feedback and tests and assign this in the context of the unit.

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Thank you for sharing this lesson on the forum!
If you are having trouble with remixing projects, would be the resource to ask. It is helpful to include screenshots of what you are seeing. is another online platform for coding with students that might work for assigning a project that has starter files you want to share with your students.

This looks like a fun lesson, please let us know how it goes!


@scerruti I LOVE this! If you add “/view” to the end of the share URL, you should be able to remix it from there.


Thank you both. Earlier this morning I discovered adding “/remix” to the URL also worked. The day two project (based on Rock Paper Scissors) is posted in the Facebook Group.

AoC 2022 Day 2


I am very excited to hear how this goes with your students. I have put some of my independent study (non-CSA) students on AoC in the past. It gets PRETTY tough!

BUT, it is super cool to be part of something that “real engineers” are doing. I know many software engineering departments do it for a friendly competition!

In my AP class it was a struggle, but my Python class really enjoyed it. I have two who are in both and AoC really demonstrates how much easier it is to complete programming in Python for beginners.

I have created a template and solution for Day 3 as well and recorded a solution.

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