2 suggestions for Unit 1 - mid-unit programming assessment, and an App Lab for Java

I have two suggestions for Unit 1. The first is that we need an assessment somewhere around lesson 8-10. I’m making up an assessment, for students to write a new class extending PainterPlus, with a new method for drawing dotted lines. It would be nice if there was something like this built into the middle of the unit. Then students wouldn’t be going going 3-4 weeks without a formal assessment.

The second suggestions is that we need an App Lab for the Java environment. This way we teachers can assign ad hoc projects in the code.org IDE that students can do without messing with the existing CSA project space.

Thanks! jr

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Hi @jranta, thank you so much for this suggestion. Feedback like this helps make the curriculum better year after year and I will pass this along to members of the curriculum team. If you wouldn’t mind sharing your assessment you create I think the community would get a lot of value from the resource.

When I want my students to do an ad hoc assignment I direct them to the bottom of the unit where there are “Sandboxes” for them to play in:

These are in each unit and in Unit 4 the students will see a sandbox for The Theatre. I will confirm this but I believe making Java Lab part of the “Create” dropdown is on the engineer’s to-do list. I will let you know if this is not the case.

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