Is there an 'AnyKeyDown' option

Is there an if statement option for ‘AnyKeyDown’?
My student is wanting the text to disappear each time you press the arrow keys. The problem is, each if the statement is it’s own and in the draw loop, so it never disappears if it is added to each if statement. We thought if we had a new if statement that said ‘AnyKeyDown’ then we could add the text there. We also tried to make the text a variable and use visibility false, but again it is in the draw loop so if just keeps appearing due to the other if statements looping.

You may want to turn your sound off before access the link. :slight_smile:
Thank you in advance for any suggestions you could share!


Have you tried nesting the if statements? Something like this"

If up key pressed (move up), else if down key pressed (move down), else if left key, etc… then at the end, else display the text.

I think that will accomplish what you are after.

Let us know.


Thank you!! I didn’t even think about that!

I tell my kiddos we are stronger together - that we are not lone islands. Thank you so much for always helping us out!