It would be great if there was an area within the platform that students could journal so that all of their work would be in one location. Typing their reflections would also help with writing skills (allowing them to proofread their comments) and allow the teacher to view the reflection while checking on the progress of their work.


I have been using Google Classroom to post daily questions when there is not an activity guide. There I can quickly see all the answers and make sure the students understand the concept for that day.


Thanks. We have to use Google Classroom as well. I have students journal in the GCR or on my blog page on my school webpage, because we also have to show the administration that they are writing in our classes.


@lwatson thanks for sharing this feedback! I also know some people use the journaling as an exit ticket. I love @michelle_johnson 's idea to utilize google classroom as well. I will pass your feedback onto the curriculum writing team.


With the api integration that already has with google classroom, it would be SWEET if you could have journal prompts in that would transfer to google classroom upon submit…right?..anyone with me?


Not sure how feasible it is or where it would fall in a list of priorities, but this is a feature request that has been made before. It would make life smoother for us GAFE schools.

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Just dropping in to say that we’ve logged this request. I can’t speak to if / when / how we’d implement something like this but I want you all to know that we’re listening!