Jpg. to .FIFF File?

My students are trying to add images to their web pages and for some reason the jpg. files are automatically being changes to an fiff. extension. Has anyone experienced and know of a fix?

Hi Audrey,

This is not happening with my students. You may want to report this as a bug.


I was told by technology guys that it was something with the latest Windows 10 update. We have been making our students that are having this problem, open a new tab and search for a jfif to jpg converter and downloading the file that way. It works every time but does take a little longer.

So this is happening as the files are being downloaded from the web, not uploaded to Web Lab?


You could have the students rename the file to (whatever).jpg and it will work

This happens when they try to download so that they can upload to Web Lab. I have also been told by I.T. that it is because of the latest Windows 10 update. Just changing the name of the extension didn’t work for my students but I had them open it with Paint and then save it as a jpg. and that works. Thanks for all the help!


My students struggled with this too. They were trying to right click and save images from google images. Their files were saving as .fiff’s and therefore, not uploading to the weblab.

I noticed that images from google images saved as .fiff files when they were right-clicking on the image preview as opposed to clicking on “visit” in google images to see the page that the image came from and right-click-saving from there.


  1. Find and image in google images, select the image,
  2. Click “visit”,
  3. Locate the image on the page where it came from,
    a. sidenote: they have to do this step anyway because they need to provide attribution for the image…
  4. right click on the image and select “save image as…”,
  5. Upload this file to the weblab.

Hello Everyone
Here is the solution to the file problem…thanks to one of my 7th grade students.
1- go to
2-Drop down the “OTHER” , select Image Converter
3-Make sure it says: Select other output format : JPEG-…click Select Format
4-Choose your File
5-Click Convert and Download
That will do it.

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