JS Limitations in app lab. Adding additional support for functionality


I know that app lab is in a sandboxed environment, and only supports ES5 JS. But there are a few changes I would like to propose.

Proposal 1

I am having problems due to event listeners added by the browser, that I want to disable. So that I can make draggable images. The ondragstart Listener https://www.w3schools.com/jsref/event_ondragstart.asp is preventing this from working well.

  1. Would it be possible to have a getElementById function, we are restricted from accessing the document object, but there are things that are impossible to do because of this. One is you are unable to remove event listeners defaulted by the browser. It would be nice to access DOM objects is there a way to make this possible.

  2. Could we have a removeEventListeners() function to remove events of a certain type or all events from an object.

Proposal 2

Another year I had a student that wanted to use location in their app for activity tracking. Window.location is inaccessible. Is there a way this could be passed through via an api in app lab.

Proposal 3

why doesn’t the alert() function work. I thought it worked in previous years. I know you can use the prompt() function. Can alert be added.

Proposal 4

change the app lab project dimensions. Can we have the ability to create larger apps like desktop or web apps.

You can drag an image, but you need to set up a timedLoop and treat it like an animation. Game Lab is probably the better way to go in that case because you can use sprites.