Keeping the score on Color Sleuth App

I have been struggling to figure out why the score isn’t working for my student’s code. Any ideas?
Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi @valerieadams,

I can help you with your code, but I think you sent us the generic link - not the “shareable” one. Can you go to the top left hand corner of the screen and click the “share” button. If you copy that link and paste it here, we can see what code your student has.

Happy coding!

Oops, Yes, the other link didn’t work. Sorry. Yes, that would be great if you have ideas on the code. I would really appreciate it.

Hi @valerieadams,

This is likely a problem - Line 74:

Try it with " + amt " like line 72 has.

Hope that helps!


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Yes, you are right. I didn’t see that. I will try it tomorrow and hopefully that fixes the problem. Thank you!