Lack of Computers in the Classroom

I don’t have a 1:1 ratio of computers to students in my classroom – about 37 students and only 25 computers. Does anyone have any thoughts on how to make the class work despite this difficulty?

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Welcome to the forum! I’m sure that’s frustrating not having enough computers. I have made a go of it before with less computers than students, but not usually quite that many deficient. I have a few ideas and hope some other teachers will chime in with their ideas as well.

It depends on the unit, but of course a lot of unit 1 is unplugged and computers aren’t even necessary.

In other lessons, starting in units 2 & 3, pair programming with two students per computer would be a good option. (If you search the forum, you will find quite a few postings about pair programming and how some teachers make it work for them).

I have also found that in my classes where I have been short a few computers, I always have students happy to work with a partner (not necessarily in a pair programming situation). In those circumstances, though, I have monitored it a little more closely so I know it’s not just one student doing all of the work and I have also let them stay together for a short time … long enough for one chapter, for example, of unit 3, but then I have created different pairings so they are sometimes working with a partner and sometimes on their own.

I’m sure there are other strategies… but that’s what has worked for me!

Hope others jump in and share their ideas as well!

Best wishes!



Thanks for the ideas!