How to deal with add number of students when working in pairs

I am working on UNIT 2 with my students - the internet Unit - in the CS principals class.
I have 7 students so i will not have an ever number for break out sessions.
What do I do?

Hi Jack, great question! In the past, I have handled it different ways.

Sometimes I just partner up three students and tell one of them that they are an observer for the current activity. Just be sure that the observer isn’t always the same student!

For the last two years, I’ve had a former student as a helper in class. I would partner this helper with the odd student. Again, don’t let it be the same student every time! Sometimes I would be the partner, but that isn’t ideal because then you can’t roam through all groups.

I think that this whole topic gets harder this year because we are in a hybrid model with some students in the room and some at home. And no teacher helper either!

BTW, I had some issues during the coding units when I had pair programming enabled. If someone’s partner missed class, they didn’t always have the current version.

So while I didn’t give you a definitive answer, perhaps I gave you some ideas to consider! I would love to hear if other teachers have ideas to try.

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