Unit 1 Lesson 12-solution for group of 3

I have only 7 students. When I use the simulator I do not want to participate b/c I need to be walking around “tapping” them to disconnect. Any suggestions on how to remedy an odd number of students? Would it be too confusing to put 3 students together (they can only communicate with one person at a time).

Hi @hvissia,

Wow, that number of students does make it a bit tricky. Can’t say I’ve had to deal with that before.

A couple things I might try:

  1. I participate in the conversation, but instead of walking around tapping students, I just call out random students.
  2. Have a student who can handle it be 2 students simultaneously. They can participate in two separate tabs or two windows side-by-side. Each tab/window generates an instance of themself, allowing them to be in two separate rooms. (This is also a way a teacher can demonstrate a conversation between two people - by being two instances of themself.)



Good thoughts. I actually did your #2 when I was trying to prep for the class!

Thank you,