Odd number of students


How do I use the Internet simulators with an odd number of students. This is extremely frustrating. Also, how do I preview them as a teacher to see how they behave?


Aaron, I typically end up with one group of three. In this group, one person is not at the computer but still observes what is going on and contributes to any conversation. If the lesson is long enough, I will have them trade off so everyone gets a turn.


@aaron.galit it is too bad not every class can be perfectly sectioned! I usually have a group of 3 as well. It actually has been pretty helpful where one student tends to “observe” the other two and can pick out errors in the protocols. Same as Hannah, I make sure they switch off who is without a computer each day.

For a preview, I open an incognito window and then connect with myself to see how it works. You could also register a second account to be able to see how it works with two people. I also use my roommate as a beta tester sometimes :slight_smile:

Is there anything else that is frustrating that we can help with? I might also suggest applying to go to a TeacherCon next year to get a better feeling for the tools in the classroom - applications aren’t out yet, but watch your email in the spring!


Thank you both so much for your help and guidance. Your ideas are extremely helpful. I have many more questions and issues, so thank you for offering further help. I will post again when I have time to compose my thoughts.