Trouble with student and Internet Simulator

I have one student in my class who cannot successfully connect with Internet Simulator. All of my other students reach it just fine. The student always sees an empty lobby. Suggestions or resources for a solution would be appreciated.

You might check to see which version of the class they are in. For some reason, a number of my students were in the 2017-18 version while most were in the 2018-19 version. If they are in different versions, they won’t see each other.

I checked my student’s account and the other students as well. They all seem to be using '18-'19 version.
Other thoughts or suggestions?

Another possibility might be that the student is accessing a different lesson with the Internet Simulator. For example, your class may be working in Lesson 6: Sending Numbers, but the student opened up the Internet Simulator from Lesson 3: Sending Binary Messages with the Internet Simulator.

Unfortunately, we are all accessing Unit 1, Lesson 10 on routers. Still not luck getting the student to connect.

Let me add, the problem is more general. The student has not been able to connect for any of the prior Internet Simulator simulations we have done.

@jhaller This sounds like a bug. Please email and we will be able to help you more. Thanks! ~ Hannah

I have a student who keeps making new accounts - can not get him to stop. He then of course can not find the simulator. I have found that duplicates mess things up! See if student is in there twice.

I had a student with this problem. I sync my students with Google Classroom so they log in with Google. I also couldn’t see any of his completed questions.

While I still don’t know what caused the issue, the answer was for the student to delete his profile. The next time he signed in with his Google profile, he was in the class.

Or (in my experience) in the wrong years. I am still using '17 - '18 but some were in '18 - '19.