Internet simulator unit 2 lesson 6

I am typing GET and then the other students name, but I don’t see their internet address anywhere…


Without a screenshot of what your’e doing I’m not sure I’ll be able to find the culprit, but I would double check a few items before moving on:

  • You and the other student are both enrolled in (and have selected if necessary) the same class
  • The name you are typing is their name as it appears on rather than their actual name (these may be different)

Best of luck

I am also having this issue! Image below. I tried your suggestions above, any other ideas? Thanks!!

@styrrell and @anna_holcomb,

I have an idea of what might be going wrong. Who are you trying to ask for the student’s IP address? Where are you asking them?

If that clears it up, great! If not, let us know here & we can keep troubleshooting.

–Michael K.

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