Lists of Usernames on a Different Router?

Is there a way to see usernames of students on a different router? Students can’t request another student’s “IP address” unless they know the other student’s assigned username.

Yeah, at the moment they have to be on the same router in order to see the username or they just have to ask a friend. That’s the way it is for right now. Sorry for the inconvenience.


It’s no problem. I just wanted to make sure that I wasn’t missing anything.


Why does the name change of the user using a specific router when a person gets kicked out of a router room. I.e. Started as Carrie3, when kicked out, returned as Carrie23.


If the person maintains their CodeStudio login, each time they go into the Internet Simulator a ‘new’ user is created. A bigger question may be – what is causing the person to get kicked out of the router room? Are you using WiFi?


I am refering to the Internet Simulator. When you enter a room your are assigned a bubble with your name and a number after it. When you first go in you might be Carrie3, but if you get kicked out, and come back in you are assigned your name again, but with a different number. I was wondering if this is simulating something that a router does, like DHCP connections, or is this completely random. I feel that the maker of the internet simulator is trying to simulate something here. I can see why the IP changes but not the name. Why does the name change?

Just gave my answer in this thread:

Short version. Not really simulating anything. There are technical and practical reasons for it that make the simulator remain functioning. But there are some practical usage and pedagogical reasons too.

So, it looks like, for this activity to work properly - given the technical constraints (the hostname lookups across router is not possible, and also hostnames change each time students disconnect/reconnect) - the student pair that are asking each other questions will need to be on the same router. Otherwise, if they are on different routers, then they will have to keep asking each other what their hostnames are everytime I have them disconnect/re-connect for the purpose of using the DNS…

UPDATE. So I mispoke…

The first thing I should ask is: HOW are you having students disconnect from the router?

Two things to know:

  1. In the simulator you are assigned one hostname per page load. Reloading the page does assign a new hostname, as would closing the window / tab and going back to the simulator.

  2. Connecting to / disconnecting from routers does not change your hostname…provided you hit the disconnect button in the simulator, as opposed to refreshing the page, or closing the window.

This means that once a hostname is learned it should remain the same for the duration of the window being open. Any chance you were having students close the window, or refresh, rather than hitting the disconnect button?

CSP Team

thank you so much for clarifying. I actually did not specifically point out how to disconnect and they might have done it “the wrong way”. I’d have to experiment. Again thank you for pointing this out.

I put students in random groups of 5 and gave each group a router number. Seemed to work well for the activity.

The student pair that are asking each other questions will need to be on the same router.

Well I just tested this. Used two different routers, and yes, asking for the hostname of a student connected to a different router did work. I’m not sure why this simulator wanted to put numbers on the hostnames - would have been simpler to just leave the hostnames as the lastnames like the other sims…

As @baker mentioned, if you want students to get a different hostname (which is just the lastname plus a digit), you’ll need students to RELOAD the page as opposed to just disconnecting. Discconnecting will generally just change the IP address, where-as reloading changes the hostname and the IP address.

It seems that the exercise really only wants students to get a new IP, and basically keep the hostname; so don’t tell students to RELOAD.

In a teacher class with other teachers in CP. Some are able to use the router simulator and others are not. I archived my other classes to see if I could work the simulator. Only half the class can learn this. What do I need to do in order to actually work on the simulator. Thanks!