Internet Simulator Q&A

Use this thread to ask general questions about the Internet Simulator or provide feedback.


For those of you who are looking for access to the Internet Simulator outside of the curriculum (either for use in your own classroom, or for demonstrations) there’s now a stand-alone module on Code Studio!

Check it out here!

Is there an Internet Simulator “simulator?” I currently have an even number of students, so they can all pair up just fine. As the teacher though, I would like to display the simulator on the projector, but I don’t have a partner to connect with. Is there a way to simulate a partner, so I can demonstrate certain aspects of the simulator if needed? Thanks!

@bostrander: I don’t think there is a “simulator”. However there are two work arounds.

  1. You can open the Internet Simulator in two separate windows. This will create two versions of you. You can then make a connection between the two versions of yourself and communicate.
  2. You can create a dummy student account and use two different browsers. On one browser sign into Code Studio with your teacher account and on the other sign in with the dummy student account. You can then swap between the two browsers to send and receive messages.

We had a troll on the simulator. Is there a way to trace their IP to a specific user?

In earlier versions of Internet simulator (i.e ver. 1: Stage 3/Stage 6 & ver. 2: Stage 7) there is no IP tracking. In Stage 9, internet sim version 3 and up, has Teacher View which allows you the ability to track what’s being broadcasted by your class by all users. Teacher View will give you the messages being sent, by whom along with the time stamp and IP data.

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