Language of instructions

I’ve set the language to Dutch. Now the code text is in Dutch but the instructions are still in English. That creates a problem since the instructions and the text on the blocks are in a different language. How can I also change the instructions to Dutch?
Otherwise, I will give instructions to have both the instructions as well as the text on the blocks in English.


Welcome to the forum! I am not sure how much of the Express Course has been translated into Dutch yet. I’ll try to reach out and ask. You can always send an email to and let them know for sure which version of the course you are using (2021?) and see if they can update you on that. I am sure it could be a little frustrating to have the blocks in Dutch and the instructions in English, but I will see if I can find any more information on that.


Hi @batp ! Unfortunately, this issue is a result of certain content having not yet been translated into Dutch. Our translations are an ongoing work in progress, done by volunteer translators from all over the world - this is a growing network as we expand our international partnerships every year! We appreciate your patience as we continue to translate our content and make fixes like this, in the Express course.

If you or anyone you know would be interested in translating our content, we’d greatly appreciate the help! For future reference, some steps to get started with translating are as follows:

Join the projects in Crowdin:

Use the 2021 Localization Strategy spreadsheet, in this document, you will find:

  • Glossaries - key words found across our educational materials that should remain consistent throughout the website. If we are missing your language, please insert a comment on the spreadsheet and tag Jorge (
  • Front-facing Hour of Code content - promotional pages for the Hour of Code tutorials and events. To translate the teacher lesson plans, please message Jorge ( to gain the right permission and guidance.
  • Hour of Code tutorial instructions - lesson instructions for all of the Hour of Code tutorials.
  • - all content found in the Course Catalog.
  • Video list - videos from CSF A-F and Hour of Code tutorials. Column F contains the links where you can translate the video subtitles. Create a free account to translate video subtitles.

Our apologies for any inconvenience on this, and we appreciate the feedback!