Lesson 11: Booleans - Extra Practice Questions


I taught booleans lesson, two and a half instructional periods. I know to learn and understand booleans are very important for the upcoming lessons and also project. I also learned this concept was a little confusing with mathematics. So, I not only took time to elaborate but made them practice questions(very basic) just to get an understanding of how booleans work. Please find the below-attached questions with the key :slight_smile:

Copy of Homework on Booleans-Part-1.docx (929.2 KB)
Key- Homework on Boolean-Part-1.docx (929.4 KB)


Thank you so much for sharing the resources! I’m sure students could always use a little support understanding Booleans. I’m basing this on how many times I’ve had to say, “Come on, it was a yes or no question!” :slight_smile:


I can totally relate to you. In the begging, I thought this lesson would take only 2 classes but guess what it almost took 4classes for my students to completely understand the concept.
I think it’s just matter of practice. Everyday I wrote some questions on the whiteboard, ask them to solve, played games and practice questions as homework. Especially difference between “=,== and ===“; and also “! (Not operator)”

I had them do a lot of practice and ask questions because, if students are not very clear about Boolean concepts, I know for sure they would struggle in the logic when they get to “interactive card” project and chapter 2. Thanks for sharing :grinning: