Logic Gates Unit 5 Lesson 9

I am new APCSP teacher. As I prepare for Unit 5 Lesson 9, I see the extended learning offers info on logic gates as an extension to the boolean expressions in javascript. Do students need to know logic gates for the ap exam. I thought I saw some questions that suggest they do. Is this the only place in code.org these are covered or is there a separate lesson?
thanks, Jim

@jreilly2016 The extended learning gives your students to dig a little deeper into the logic process. The lessons in succession will give your students opportunities to practice using ADN, OR and NOT.

The students need to be comfortable answering a problem like this…

I found I needed to do some supplemental problems with the students to get them comfortable with these logic gates.

*I assigned some DeltaMath on Logic Gates
*I made a video for students to learn the basics
*I Created a Kahoot! * Kahoot! Truth Tables Review
*And I made a Reference Table for them Truth Tables Reference