AP CSP hardware abstraction

Does Code.org cover hardware abstraction concepts that may appear on the AP Test? (for example logic gates, CPU, etc.)

Hello @rothmana,

We do not currently cover those topics in the curriculum. You can supplement with videos from our How Computers Work series.

Khan Academy also has an article on logic gates that you may find useful to review.

~ Hannah
CSP Team

Appreciate the response! For clarity: Are those topics covered on the CSP AP Test?

That is up to the College Board. There are some sample questions from the College Board with basic logic gate questions that students can usually reason through, but a little extra practice does not hurt!

Here are the related EKs in the College Board’s CSP Framework:

2.2.2E Binary data is processed by physical layers of computing hardware, including gates, chips, and components.
2.2.3F A logic gate is a hardware abstraction that is modeled by a Boolean function.
Exclusion statement (2.2.3F): Memorization of specific gate visual representations is beyond the scope of this course and the AP Exam.

And here is a sample question from the AP CSP Course and Exam Description: