Logic Gates - NAND Gate - Question 50 Practice Exam


I am planning my last week of revision with students before the test and am going to spend some time on Logic Gates, as this content is not explicitly taught within the code.org curriculum.

I am giving my students the following video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gI-qXk7XojA but wondering if there was more resources, especially in terms of converting logic gates to boolean expressions or more examples of logic gates.

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This website allows students to create circuits with different logic gates. I’ve used it with 7th graders for a different unit.


Khan Academy has released a lesson on Logic Gates that you may find useful!

Khan Academy: Logic Gates and Circuits

Also, I’ve edited your code to remove the reference to the practice exam as this is not a secure channel.

~ Hannah

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Hannah do you think this is an area where code.org could have more practice integrated within the AP CSP curriculum?

Is this something that has been discussed or is planned for the future?

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I wished I would have seen this before the test. Students were somewhat upset to the fact that there were several items on the test that were not covered in the Code.org curriculum. I hope that there are some items, once information is released, that Code.org will add to the Principles curriculum and look at some of the lessons that could be combined and adjusted. Some of the comments were that in Unit 5, some of the programming got too repetitive. Especially with the under the sea items. Maybe combining a few in one lesson, or changing it up a bit might be helpful. I love using the Code.org curriculum for Principles, but I have also seen, that my students are most likely going to need more, challenging material moving forward.