Extra Practice Resource for Boolean Expressions and If Statements


Here is a wonderful resource for more practice with boolean and if statements. www.deltamath.com
The site provides interactive practice with immediate feedback to students. Teachers and students can create free accounts. Although your math teachers will love this site, you will too for CS.
This resource has helped solidify these concepts with my students…helping clear up misconceptions.


Looks like plenty of practice. There’s also binary/hex and modulus practice. (All CS stuff is at the bottom of the list).


Whoa whoa, now there’s a section for “Pseudocode Exercises”… these are in College Board pseudocode as seen on the AP CSP exam! :astonished:

Sample of some list practice…

Thanks for the gift that keeps on giving!

UPDATE: … AND it checks your answer… AND it has a tool that displays what goes on as it traces the code line by line!.. what is this??? :astonished:


This is amazing thank you soooo much:)