Logic Gates: Useful teaching/study resources?

My students are struggling with how to solve the AP practice questions using logic gates. Does anyone know what I could direct my students to study in order to prepare for these types of questions?

Check this 10 mins video

Another good lesson from MobileCSP here

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A while ago a teacher posted a resource here. The site has plenty of practice for logic gates (under the “Booleans and Conditionals” section). My guess is the advanced problems on that site are beyond what one would find on the AP exam.

One of my students said the way he had learned logic gates in the past is to treat “AND” like multiplication, and “OR” like addition. For example, True AND False is (1 * 0 = 0), which is False, versus True OR False, which is (1 + 0 = 1), which is True. (and 1+1 just equals 1, so True AND True is True) This helped me reduce complex logic gates more, rather than just trying to actually logic my way through the thing. I’m sure there’s many tricks and structured methods, but it doesn’t look like there’s a strong enough focus on these in the exam to warrant spending time memorizing/learning a specific process just for this, IMO.

I made this worksheet using different logic gates and some truth tables. It might be helpful to learn the basics!


Thank you so much! This is very helpful

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Thank you! I appreciate the help!

Also check out DeltaMath.com