Your prayers for practice exam problems answered - pseudocode, lists, loops, boolean, and MORE!

Online self-checking practice problems for these categories at

The pseudocode is AP pseudocode. Here’s a sample problem:

This site was first posted by @miri.blair in this post, but I felt with the new “pseudocode section”, it’s worth mentioning in its own post.

Where? Get the practice problems at .
You and your students will need to sign up for free accounts. (I’m not affiliated with, nor am I being paid by them - These problems just look super helpful. :grin:)

Some additional pluses:

  • List practice includes FOR EACH loops
  • Problems are written in TEXT instead of blocks - my students need more practice with text since they’re not accustomed to visually organizing code using curly brackets
  • Problem checker describes code in line-by-line commentary to help student trace the code

Nice find! I was making my own using Baker’s tool, but this is really nice!

Thanks for sharing!

You are the man! Thanks! Great resource.

I just stumbled upon this. Thank you so much for sharing! :slight_smile: