DeltaMath - Good for Review


DeltaMath is a free resource that has Computer Science skills you can assign the students.

I’ve been using it periodically this year, as an end of unit review assignment.

Here is an example of my End of Unit 3 Review Project

Sometimes I don’t feel students get enough practice with the skills in this curriculum before moving on. This helps me address that concern. And give all students a check in point. So students know, that by the end on this unit, you should be able to answer these type of questions correctly.

Also the skills are written using the Pseudocode that will be used on the AP Exam.


I used this last year for AP exam review. Fantastic resource!

They have some cool tools for administering your classes, like you can configure it so students must get 8 correct in a row or something to get credit for that assignment. I did something like that since for me I want to make sure my students know how to do those problems right instead of guessing.