Unit 4 Logic Concepts

I just finished Unit 4 with my class. Does anyone else think the logical operators and the multi selection conditionals as introduced oddly late in the course? My students brought up too, though they were excited for the “easy” day (several have taken CSP already knew || and && and we’ve been using if else if all year)

I agree, I do not like the order that things are introduced in the curriculum, these are not my only gripe either. I think they introduced creating own classes way too early and not with enough detail, amongst other things like the Sting class has been used but never discussed the methods for it

Hi @adam.draa ,
My students also liked that the && and || logic operators they were already fairly familiar with gave them a lighter lesson in Unit 4. I think reviewing those and seeing the simple truth tables for && and || right before De Morgan’s laws worked well in my room.

This document might help with understanding why the curriculum team chose an object’s first approach, which is why classes are introduced early. As the curriculum progresses, each coding level and project uses classes and adds to the students’ understanding.

The in depth work with String methods is in Unit 6. I did the pilot with my students last year and felt a bit similarly to you, @yanet.cabrera - I was wondering where the String methods were that I always used to do in the first semester! I ended up being good with having the String methods come in later. My students were better at reading documentation, and got how to use the tricky substring method a lot faster than in past years. As a trade off, one of the things that is introduced earlier in the Code.org curriculum is 2D arrays. I like that this is brought in closer to when students have learned 1D arrays. This curriculum mapping doc can be helpful if you are wanting to see where other College Board topics fall in the curriculum.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the forum!

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