Unit 1 Lesson 7 Discontinuity

We noticed during our summer training when exploring Unit 1 Lesson 7 that CSP was referenced as a prior course, though there is no such requirement. Related to that:

  1. Algorithm design was a focus here but not introduced yet;
  2. Flow charting was referenced in Algorithm design but not introduced yet;
  3. Boolean Expressions were referenced in the slides but not in any prior activities; then activities require understanding of While Loops (built on Booleans).;
  4. We jump from coding Methods (Lesson 6) to designing Algorithms with Loops, which seems disconnected (Lesson 7); a more natural progression could be to code Methods that require Loops, rather than jump to Algorithms all sudden; or to discuss Method design in the context of Algorithms in a prior lesson before we hit Loops.

For all these reasons, we feel a bit confused by logic behind Lesson 7 choices by Code.org. Can anyone help explain?

@bmoreini - Thank you for posting the the forum. I apologize that your post was not responded to sooner. We value all input and understand your concern. The mention of a previous course during the summer training may have been the facilitators experience. The College Board continues to support open enrollment in all AP courses. I know my school strongly encourages APCS P before APCS A, but I currently have two students (seniors) that did not take CSP. As for the logic of lessons in Unit 1, I would suggest you contact support@code.org. Your email will be routed to the appropriate team that can respond. We encourage to keep posting to the forum as they may be others with your same questions and/or concerns.
In addition, I have been using this curriculum for two years. I do have to occasionally supplement depending on my students progress and level of understanding.
Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.

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