Lesson 11: Intro to Problem Solving - Paper Tower (Alternate Lesson 1)

Did anyone try this activity for U1L1? If so, how many sheets of paper did you use per team per trial? 20 seems excessive

I used 20 but it was too much. Next time I teach it I’ll give them 20 total so 10 for each tower.

I’ve done this activity before. I’ve used 20 and some teams use them all. Other teams definitely don’t. I’m sure you could cut it down and see how it goes. I try to use recycled paper, though, so I’m not wasting clean paper.


Yes, the instructions say 20 total (10 per trial), which still seem excessive. Going to try to use recycled paper as much as possible.

The challenge could be less is more so how few pieces can they use, maybe?

I think I have a ream of printer paper that’s been in my garage for over 10 years so it may have yellowed. Think I’ll use it. It probably will be more fun for the students if they have “enough” sheets to play with :grinning:


If you use less the design options are restricted greatly. I did and looking back I regret it! They didnt have a lot of options and most towers were the same.