U1L1 - Alternative ideas for distance learning?

I am currently in a cohort training for CS discoveries and was wondering about unit 1 lesson 1. All of the problem solving projects seem great, but they are projects that need to be done in the classroom physically. My district will be distance learning in the fall, so I was wondering if anyone had any ideas or resources about “digital/online” problem solving projects to get the students started on the curriculum? Thanks in advance!


Same boat…same problem. I’ve been looking at CodeHS too, pricing for Pro is outrageous. Need something to hit the ground running without too much mental overhead…I have 4 separate CS courses to teach, with 4 separate mental loads…ugh.

This is the reason I came here to find out what ideas for complete online learning from the beginning.

I am going to start with a few of the lessons in Unit 1 that can be done from home and hold off on the ones until we are all face to face. I am going to move most of the making an app to Unit 5. I’m going to do a quick lesson on the problem solving process and use it for Unit 2, which can be done virtually.