Aluminum Boat Challenge - Unit 1 - Distance Learning

Hi everyone,
I’m looking for alternatives to the aluminum boat project for Unit 1 since we will be doing distance learning throughout the first semester. I’m hoping anyone has ideas out there!

Thank you!


I’ve been wondering the same thing. Last term I had racked up my knee and was unable to walk much. I tried a lesson where students attempted to make houses of cards. It was not a great success and I am looking for something else. Paper airplanes occurred to me but my students are not allowed to move about the room.

I feel like if you are comfortable with students actually having those things at home, they totally could try it and then document with some photos.

But, I am hesitant to think that students will have pennies or the other supplies at home.

The paper tower may be a good alternative.

They only have to have printer paper. It still could be an ask for some kids to waste a bunch of paper.
I’m thinking that I will try this and have students shoot photos and post their results.

I’m also kind of hesitant to have them shoot photos just because of showing their living situation and being embarrassed by it. There is such a diversity of what kinds of spaces people are living in at my school. We have students in shelters and others with outdoor TVs in their spa area…
Day 1-ish should be super comfortable and not trying to out people or whatever.

I wonder what people think about students making stuff and posting photos of it to whatever LMS they are using.