Lesson 2: Persistence: Stevie and the Big Project

This lesson was so much fun! We used the story… which I kind of told, rather than read word for word, because it is sort of wordy at the end. Then we talked about the HARD task that I was going to give them: the marble runs. (I had set this all up at the end of Lesson 1, so they knew it was coming.) I had a bin of paper tubes, wooden blocks, tape, cups,scissors, and marbles. I told them they would work in pairs and each pair could have three tubes, one marble and one cup for the marble to land in. They had to share tape, but they did great. They collaborated and you could watch them run the marble, debug, iterate, and run it again. No one cried. No one quit. Most had some type of run going, although some were much more elaborate than others. Great STEAM tie-in!