Lesson 20, Level 6: Unable to pick pumpkins

I’m teaching CSF Express for 6th graders. Some of my students (and me too) cannot complete Lesson 20, Level 6 because we do not have a “pick pumpkin” block in our toolbox. But other students do have the block available.

I originally had the block in my solution which I did for practice a long time ago, and I don’t remember seeing it in the toolbox. When I did a “Start Over” the block (of course) disappeared from my workspace, and it still did not appear in the toolbox.

Any ideas on how to work around this? So far I’ve been collecting names of students who have this problem so I can exempt them from that particular puzzle. Thanks!

David Ng
Science and Computer Science Teacher
John Muir Middle School, Room 203

Hi David,
I think the block is there but hidden at the bottom of the tool box. Depending on your device’s screen resolution, I can think of a couple of things to try to resolve the issue:

  • Although you might not see a scroll bar, try to scroll through the tool box (either using a two-finger track pad gesture or mouse wheel).
  • If it’s still present, click the “I agree” button to close out of the purple banner at the bottom of the web site.
  • Zoom out with your browser a little bit.

If you try these things and still can’t find the block, please email us at support@code.org. Screenshots would also be helpful at that point.

Thanks! Clicking “I agree” worked on all the cases we tried.