Unit 4 Lesson 7 - MOD block not showing

On lesson 7, the modulus block is not appearing in the toolbox for me, is this happening for anyone else?? Seems silly to not have this block available in the toolbox when a few of the levels require using that command…due to teach this lesson in a few days and would love a fix for this!!

Please write to support@code.org. If it does not get fixed in time, you can use text mode and type in the % operator.

Yes, I know. But it seems silly to not include the block on a level that literally requires that command. Really just wanted to know if others were having the same issue.

I agree with you. The mod function should be in the toolbox. It makes it more confusing for new coders. Hopefully it will get corrected.

I think it has been corrected.

Mine is still not showing MOD blocks for that lesson (U4L7, specifically levels 11 and 12)

This is what I see in U4L7 level 11 as far as blocks in the Math section are concerned. I have written to their support so hopefully in the next day or so it will be fixed. Not teaching this til Thursday, but still.

They updated it this morning. It may take a day or so to show up.