Lesson 22 design a game debugging help

This was a working game. some changes were made which stopped the game from working. tried to restore older versions that worked however they no longer do. Does anybody have any suggestions?

controls are left and right arrow to move the bear. up arrow to raise the rod down arrow to lower the rod.

What I expect to happen:
when the fish touches rod the score should increase by 1
when the rod touches garbage the score should decrease by 1
when the rod touches the shark life decreases by 1

What actually happens:
when the rod touches anything nothing happens

What I’ve tried:
restoring older working versions but these no longer work
tried opening the code on different computers

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I’m sure one of us could take a look at it, but right now, the link doesn’t appear to be shared. It won’t let me access it. Can you see if sharing is enabled?


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thanks for your kind offer. however i have now found the problem


the problem is that the student had named things rod1 and rod 2 and called on the wrong rod


Glad you were able to find the problem!

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