Lesson Plans - PDF version

On next year’s version, can you put the date in the PDF version of the lesson plans? I don’t print all my lessons but sometimes I do and I need to know which version it is. I don’t see it on the PDF version only on the web version.

CS Discoveries 2020-2021



When I printed the .pdf version of a lesson in Unit 3, the date “CS Discoveries 2019-2020” prints at the top under the header bar indicating the unit and lesson. If I misunderstood your question, let me know.

Hi Michele,

If I do a Ctrl p on the lesson, I get the same as what you showed me. If you move to the right where it says All Lesson pdfs and open the entire pdf (if you want to print several lessons at a time) it doesn’t show up.I printed from that document in the past and now I don’t know what year it is from.


This is interesting. I would suggest you point it out to support@code.org to see if they could address this, even if it’s only on next year’s version of the curriculum. Seems like it wouldn’t be too difficult a fix.