Letting students choose tutorial


This is my first time teaching Code and my first Hour of Code. I’m under the impression that I choose a tutorial and that the entire class must do that tutorial. It certainly would make it easier on me so that I can go through it on my own and use the teacher’s lesson plan if there is one. My issue is I teach Code to 300 students between K and 4th and there are so many different tutorials that the students are looking forward to trying. It wouldn’t be fair to make them all do the same one. What should I do?


I do typically choose one to have all of them use so I can guide the process but if they finish they can self-select something else to try but I provide links to appropriate ones for the grade level.


Thank you for responding! What I did was to select one activity for the Kindergarten and 1st Grade classes, and then let the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade select from a short list of activities that I had already previewed. It seems to have worked out OK.