Student Choice of Courses?

I would like to allow my students, who have a variety of knowledge backgrounds, to chose an Hour of Code course for themselves to get started. But at the same time I would like them enrolled in my Section so that I can see what they are working on and track their progress.

Basically I don’t want to “assign” a course for them to work on while still having access to their work.

Is this possible?

Thanks for your time and response.

@wysockib, There could be a number of ways to deal with this. I’m not sure this is what you are looking for, but if they are all potentially choosing different courses, I may just have the use the “shared link” at the end of most of the HOC projects and submit that link to you (in your content management system). I use canvas and that’s how I monitor them when I assign them work outside our main course (and sometimes in the main course).

That may or may not help, though, depending on your content management system and the different activities you are letting them choose from.