Sharing HOC Projects

Does anyone know how student pairs can share their finished HOC projects?
We’d like to have student pairs send in their project entries for review and showcase them during CS Ed Week this December.

Are there specific HOC projects you are using? Are they ones or others?

For projects, there is usually a share button you can click on and copy the URL. Those URL’s could be put in a Google Doc or other online repository that others could access.


Hi Mike,
I’ve been reading other forum posts about this and many suggest specific projects to use. I think I’ll do that because it might be easier to review them afterwards (comparing apples to apples so to speak). I was hoping that we could create a Google “Entry Form” and have students add the link, along with addressing a couple of prompts about their process for creating the project and problem solving if they encountered any errors/bugs.
Our hope is to use some funding to purchase a prize “goodie basket” that we can send to the teacher and showcase student projects during CS Ed Week.

Thanks so much for responding to my post! :slight_smile:

If they are projects, that should work. If you choose projects from other sources, you will have to see if they have “sharing links”. The process is probably different from content provider to content provider.

Good luck! Sounds like a fun project!


We just finished the beta Star Quilt lesson, it was fantastic, kids loved it and the collab w art teacher was perfect. The lesson plan suggests sharing on a jamboard, which I am trying to do, but can’t see how- I click share on the project, copy url to clipboard, open image icon in jamboard, paste url, but it says url not found. Is there a better way to create an online gallery?