Submitting a url as a lesson assignment U2L4

This unit has a mini project web page as lesson #4. I would like my students to submit this through a URL in Canvas. However, there is no share link for the student here. Can this be done?

I just looked and it appears that sharing is not an option on the mini-projects, unfortunately. You could submit a request to to see if that is something they would consider adding to the mini-projects.

I use canvas and I typically have students submit URLs through canvas as well, so it would be useful to me if that were possible.


Hi @laurenlu.davis,

As a workaround for having the kids submit a link, you can see their responses to each level in the Teacher Dashboard:

  • Go to your Teacher Dashboard
  • Click on the relevant section of students
  • Select the course or unit (in this case, CSD 2020 / Unit 2)
  • Click on Lesson 4 to expand the view
  • Click on each student’s individual bubble for bubble 5.

You’ll have to go through each submission individually but that is a workaround.

Hope that helps!
–Michael K.

You can also have students submit screenshots of their work.

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This is very time consuming - it requires going back and forth between and Canvas. In this pandemic-virtual era, time is precious. Anything to make grading simpler and more efficient would be greatly appreciated.

When I look at U2L4 bubble 5, I see a Share button in the upper left corner. Students will only see this if sharing is turned on for the class. If students are permitted to share their URLs then it wouldn’t be a big deal for them to turn their URLs in to Canvas. The time consuming part would be opening the code for each one. I would probably use the teacher view for bubble 5 and look through each student’s work. It’s not a speedy process, but it beats opening the URL, then opening the code separately. I agree, every minute wasted is one that could be spent on other work or with family.

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I have close to 90 students - it is VERY time consuming.

Sometimes, on shorter projects, I have them submit a screenshot of their code. I can’t remember if that lesson has a lot of code and it depends on what computers they are using as to how to create a screenshot, but I know that would be easier to grade in Canvas. Hopefully, will add the share button to those mini projects…