Linking google classroom to code



If your go to the progress page, you can alphabetize by clicking on the Name column header. It doesn’t stay from view to view.

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Thanks Andrea! Is it possible to list in alpha order by last name?



It looks like it combines ‘first last’ right from Classroom. However, I believe students can change their display names so just have them go in and change it to ‘last, first’.

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My students used their google accounts to set up their accounts. These are the same accounts that they are using for Google Classroom but I don’t have the option of syncing. Is there something that I am doing wrong? I hate having to download the files each unit to upload them back onto the Classroom site. Please help.


Here is a link to the documentation on how to link Code Studio with Google classroom. I hope this helps.


I would also like to see this please


Sangeeta, I am a new CSP teacher in San Jose using I logged in to with my google account. However, It immediately creates a new section. but it not asking me to give auth to my google classroom. I guess it will not link to my google classroom then. Please help.

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It is really important to login using the signin with google button on the right side. Even if you type in the same credentials on the left, the Google sync option will not be available to you. The option to sync is below the other 3 methods and you will need to scroll to see it. If you continue to have difficulty, send and email to


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Hi Andrea, Thank you, I was able to login using google account and it linked it to the google classroom. When I assign quizzes for the students, should I create a google form and copy the multiple choice questions to the google form before I can assign it?