Google Classroom

Using Classroom with the activity guides streamlines the process for students and teachers. Here is a quick video to help you get started.


When I synced my class to my google classroom class this morning (to get the rest of the students in), all the students disappeared. This is using the new classroom.

Did I do something wrong?


In case there is a technical issue, I would recommend you use the ‘report a bug’ feature or send an email to Provide a much details as possible. Screenshots are helpful. Someone from the team will be able to see what the issue is and help you get up and running.

Have a great year!


Excellent. Thank you.

Our district has now integrated our student information system with Google Classroom. I have all my sections in GC, and I’ve managed to move some of those classes over to All fine and dandy for this quarter with grades 3-5. However I have K-2 next quarter and I’d like K-1 to use picture passwords. Is it possible to use Google Classes via our SIS so any new students are synced with my sections AND still have some of these sections use picture passwords or are the kids going to be required to login via our SSO?

If picture passwords won’t work with Google Classroom-synced sections that’s fine, but I want to find out now before I have the headache of trying to have Kinders sign in via a password. There’s not enough coffee for that!

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