Google login without using Google Classroom

Is it possible to have students log in to their accounts with their Google account without using Google Classroom? I am in the process of setting up my classes, and it looks like the only way to use Google for student logins is to set up the class by syncing with Google Classroom. I no longer use Google classroom since my district has switched to Canvas, but my students still use Google Drive for a lot of their work. It would be so much easier if they could use that same login for

There is a sign in with Google Button on the home page and my students use that exclusively as we are a Google District that does not use Google Classroom. It works well for them.


Thank you for your response. I’m glad to hear that this is possible. How did you set up your classes to sign in with Google? When I try to add a class, I am asked how I want to add my students. If I add them manually, I can either use pictures or assigned passwords to sign in. If I synch with Google Classroom, I can use Google. It looks like these are my only choices.

I have them do passwords and that allows them to still sign in with Google … then they go to and enter my class code once they are signed in.