Clever or Google Logins

Aloha, wondering about Clever and Google Logins. Would accounts be able to move up with the students from year to year? Currently we are using picture logins for K-5. Our school uses both Clever and Google logins for other apps, and would like to be more efficient by using one of these for too. Any insights would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :grin:

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Hello, thanks for writing! If your students are currently using picture passwords, they can indeed move up to instead using either Google Classroom or Clever for logging in. Students just need to each individually add a personal login (aka email address and password) to their account, after which they’ll be able to link their account to 3rd party services like Google Classroom or Clever. For more info on this process, see Adding a personal login to a student account –

Note that we strongly recommend teachers and administrators decide on using one service between Google Classroom and Clever with (not both), as using both can quickly lead to duplicate account confusion. We hope this info proves useful!

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Thank you Josh, this is very helpful information. I appreciate the clarification. I will check out the process to see which way is the best for my students.