Clever and Google not communicating

I have some students who have been using our district’s Clever page to sign in to their account. Most of the students sign in from the page using their Google login. The progress of the students who used their Google login shows up on my teacher dashboard, but the students who have been using Clever do not. Does anyone know why that may be?

When I had the students sign out of and sign back in using their Google login, none of their progress was there, but when they sign in through Clever, it is.

I have tried connecting their Clever/Google accounts on the account settings page, but that didn’t sync the two together and I still can’t see their progress. I don’t really want them to have to redo lessons they’ve already completed, but that seems to be the only option.

My best suggestion would be to contact with this question and they can probably help. We may get someone with Clever Experience to chime in, but support may be faster.



I’ll do that, thanks!