Classes lost progress in gradebook

Hi, has anyone ever had problems with seeing student progress in the gradebook view? I had accidentally un-assigned a unit and then re-assigned it. Not sure if that is related, but after that I lost the ability to see student progress in my gradebook. The students are all still in the same class, but when I open the progress tab for the Unit, it is all blank.

I am not sure if this is related, but my tech department is in the process of shutting off our ability to use the “sign in with Google” button. They assured me that is whitelisted, but could that be related? I am still linked to my own Google Classroom. I can post assignments. I just tried the “Sync students with Google Classroom” button and did not get any errors.

Has anyone ever seen anything like this? This is going to be a nightmare for me if I don’t get it worked out.

For something like this, I would suggest reaching out to with the relevatn account information and they can look into it.

Good luck!


I think I found the issue. I had a link to each lesson within my learning management system (LMS). Within my LMS, I switched some things around, and in the process of doing so, the links for some reasons automatically switched to a different version of the course material. It all looks and functions the exact same, but the web addresses having some differences. odd…

Ah yes… a common issue. I’ve been told is working on a solution for this, but it may not come out soon … it’s a complex issue, but for anyone reading this in the future, ALWAYS check the URL your students are using to make sure it’s the same one you have assigned …