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Beyond manually sending a message to each student with their name and password, how is everyone sharing the login information with their students? I will be seeing about 550 students, once a week, for 25 minutes, so class time is very valuable. If needed, I’ll copy and paste the information into a message for each student, we use Seesaw, so it’s possible. I’d just prefer not to do that… :crazy_face:

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We released a new feature that allows you to download your section’s student login information in a CSV file. If you go to the Manage Students tab on the section management page, you should see it under “Set up your Class”. Here’s a screenshot:

You could use this to do a mail merge via Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.
We will be working to update our FAQ and support articles with this feature in the upcoming weeks, along with information on how to do a mail merge to make it even easier.

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Bryan, Product Team

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Hi bryan,

I have a question about transferring account progress from one account to another. If I had students last year using normally, can I transfer their work to their Clever linked accounts without having them redo all of their work?


@vli, We unfortunately do not offer a method to transfer or combine progress across two accounts. If students of yours had accounts from last year, they can keep their existing account and link it to Clever from, rather you creating a new account for them which would have a blank slate of progress. Hope this helps!

Hi josh,

Thank you for your reply. Please correct me if I am wrong here:

As the teacher, I can manually enter each student’s account and connect it to their clever account or
I can have each student’s parents help them with it. Is that my two options?