I have all my k thru 5th set up on my Code site... how do my students log on?

Hi. I have all my classes set up in Code… How do my students log on to my Code page to access their name?

Hi there!

If your students log in with picture passwords or secret word passwords:
You go to the “Manage Students” tab for the section in the Teacher Dashboard, you will see a label below the list of students that says “Share this section’s sign in page with your students” followed by a link. If students go to that link, they will be able to find their names and login with their pictures/words. It looks like this:

If your students log in with email accounts:
They will be able to log in with their email and password by clicking “Sign in” in the upper right of any page on Code Studio

Ryan Sloan, Code.org

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Hi WCRussell,
I post the links to my classes in my Google classroom for students to use but also put it up on a screen for kids to type it in when we code. Even my first grade kids memorize the link in about 2 logins! AND…once students log in at school, it populates and they can just click on the link for their section! I do print cards (option below the link on the page Ryan pasted in) which are nice for them to log in at home, too.
K5 Facilitator

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Many teachers in my district stared Hyperlinking the class URL to an image on their website for students to click on. Some other ideas are: add the url to an iPad home screen, add a link to your desktop computers, or for a school wide approach create a document in a shared location with the url hyperlinked to each teacher’s name.


Each of my middle school classes has their link on the bookmark bar. Also I print the login cards and the students paste them into their planners on a password login page that has their logins on one page. For home and school.

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